Monday, February 10, 2014

*enter expletive here*

I can't believe I haven't posted since October.  I've been so disappointed with my writing habits lately that I think even writing here has just felt...embarrassing. 

I have not submitted Where We Fell to any agents yet.  In fact, I have not finished writing the synopsis at this point.  Sad face.

I have, however, started two new stories.  But I've only written a few pages for each story, and I can't decide which one I want to stick with for now.  So, clearly, the option is to just ignore both of them, right?

I blame Breaking Bad.  And Netflix.

And Candy Crush.

These past several months have been frustrating.  And expensive.  The husband got laid off back in October from a job he was doing really well at, so that hurt.  Then I had my surgery and the bills started coming in pretty much immediately. Then Christmas came around, and even though we tried to cut back, we still spent waaaaay too much money on gifts. 

Then Gus got stuck in our neighbor's wall.  I swear to god, I could write a novel based on that cat's adventures.  Anyway, so that was a fun little unexpected $350 to the emergency critter removal company.  Perhaps I'll write a future blog post about this incident, although most people have already heard the ridiculous story anyway.

Then our furnace partially died.  Have I mentioned this has been one of the coldest winters in a long time? Because it has been.  Our house was at around 57 degrees for days until someone finally could come out and fix it.  Thankfully it was just a burnt out motor, but still.  Another couple hundred or so to fix it, which we delightfully pulled out of our asses. 

And now, our fridge has apparently decided, you know what? It's cold enough in your garage to store your food.  I don't need to work anymore.  So now the fridge and freezer are dead and we have two coolers full of food, including a ton of partially defrosted chicken and fish that will end up going bad, out in our garage.  Not to mention all the stuff I already had to pitch- probably at least $50-100 worth of food, sitting out on our curb to get picked up with the trash today.

I have to look on the bright side.  Or at least try to, anyway.  I have a lovely home.  We have nice cars and clothes.  If anything truly terrible did happen I know we have wonderful friends and family who would help us out.  But it's just...ENOUGH. 

I welcomed 2014 with open arms, hopefully thinking this would be the year things start to turn around for us.  Dan started a new job he's liking so far.  I'll get my writing back in order and start submitting WWF at long last.  I'm going to work hard at eliminating some of my stupid debt and medical bills.  I still have these goals, but life sure is working hard at making me want to just dig a hole for myself in our backyard to bury myself in.

Anyway.  I'll be back here more often again...I hope.