Thursday, October 25, 2012

read it yourself

As everyone knows, I love to read.  I tend to read at least one book a week, and I wish I had time to fit in more than that.  But you know, I have to eat.  And drink wine with friends.

And as everyone also knows, I love to write.  Whether I'm actually any good at it or not, well, that's neither here nor there, really.  All I know is I have words in my head that have to get out, so I let them out. 

But you know what I don't love?  Trying to tell someone WHY I loved a particular book.  Like, writing a book review.  I've often thought that maybe I should start reviewing some of my favorite books on this here blog, but then I start trying to form words to describe why I loved Jellicoe Road or The Fault in our Stars or The Scorpio Races, and I come up with nada.  I stutter like a fool and end up babbling something like, "OMG it's just soooo good, you have to read it."

For instance, right now I'm reading an awesome book called Graceling by Kristin Cashore.  Last night, I was trying to explain to my husband what it was about as I downloaded the second book in the series from the library. I'm like 250 pages in (out of 300, so almost done) and here's what I came up with:

"It's about this girl, who has two different colored eyes and has a special talent or 'grace' of killing people, cuz all people with two different colored eyes have different talents like that, and there are seven kingdoms, and it's sorta Lords of the Rings-ish, and there's a bad king who controls people just by speaking, he can like, change their thoughts, and the girl and this boy, who is also graced with fighting and the king's power doesn't work on him, rescue the little princess and have to take her away from the bad king guy..."

And it just sort of pilfered out after that. 

See what I mean?  Now, I'm sure if I actually sat down and gathered my thoughts I could write something that made a bit more sense than that.  I just don't have the desire to.  Is it because I've taken in so much of the story that I hate letting it back out?  Hmm.  Possible.

Seriously, though, go read all those books I mentioned here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling lucky

I know, I've been completely slacking on this whole blogging thing...and writing in general.  Still.  It's gotta turn around soon.  I gotta get my groove back at some point, right?  And now with the chill creeping into the air and the days getting shorter and shorter, I think there's no time like the present.  Last year at this time I was writing like a fiend, setting aside time at least two or three days a week to write.  I need to get back to that.  I will.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment here to discuss how lovely the weekend was.  Me and about 15 of my closest friends- Ok, so really that's like ALL my friends- got together at the wineries out on the east side.  It was technically an early birthday celebration for me, but if any of you really know me, you know I basically use my birthday every year as an excuse to get all my peeps together in one place.  I could care less about celebrating the actual day of my birth.  I just want all my friends together.

And so, I'm feeling really happy, even three days later, that everyone made the effort to come out even if it was only for a couple hours.  Some of us moved on to another winery and stayed the night at a hotel, but not everyone was able to do that.  Which I completely understand.  But still, some of my peeps drove at least an hour to get there just to hang out.  That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved and stuff.

Of course, a lot of my friends also really, really enjoy wine.  ;o)

So a big shoutout to Karyn, who planned the whole event, which required a lot of phone calls and making of reservations and putting money on her credit card.  And then a shoutout to everyone who came: Kerri, Gail, Patti, Debbie, Barra, Kelly, Holly, Michele, Michelle, Nikki, Kristen, Colleen, Shea, Seester and Jenny.  I love you guys!!!